New Delhi:

Zoom the video conferencing app that rapidly became the number one downloaded app in India and grew in popularity across the world going from 10 million users to 200 million in just one month.

The app has been around since 2013 but its flaws were noticed until recently.
Zoom claimed it had ended to end encryption which was found out to be false as well as zoom bombing where trolls were able to join private calls due to the poor URL system used to connect people.

There were also several privacy concerns with zoom where users believe their calls were being monitored and stored. Zoom also admitted having been sharing its data with Facebook even if its users did not have a Facebook account.

Companies like SpaceX has already banned the video conferencing platform over security concerns. A shareholder from zoom sued the company for exaggerating his privacy standards and the company shares have already started to drop and had taken a 1/3rd dip.
Many educational institutes have been using this app to conduct online classes during the lockdown.

From personal experience, a user states that it is difficult to connect into the meeting room even after the meeting ID and password are filled out correctly.
So overall the question remains that is zoom app boon or bane?

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