Controversial Muslim cleric and fugitive Indian Zakir Naik’s news networks Peace TV and Peace TV Urdu have been fined 25 million rupees in the UK. Peace TV was found guilty of inciting murder and disseminating hatred through its broadcasts in Britain.

The fine was imposed on Peace TV by Britain’s media watchdog Ofcom. Ofcom is the UK administrative agency that regulates the newspapers.

A statement issued by Ofcom said that Ofcom has imposed a fine of £ 2 million on Peace TV Urdu and one lakh pounds on Peace TV, instead of breaking the broadcasting rules of the country.

Ofcom said that the content of the program broadcast on Peace TV Urdu and Peace TV was highly objectionable and at one place it seemed that this material was inciting people to commit crimes.

Ofcom said, “In our review, we find that the program’s material was in severe infringement of UK broadcasting laws. It needed to be fined. Its former licensees Club TV and Lord Production are now being paid £ 2 million-plus a Have to pay a million pounds. “

The report of Ofcom said that there was a discussion on punishing wizards in the book, Ut Utwahid, broadcast in July 2019. Later RV Saeedi, a Muslim cleric, was killed, he was allegedly engaged in some similar work. Ofcom found that the program incited the accused of murder.

At the same time, Ofcom issued a notice asking Club TV Limited to stop broadcasting Peace TV Urdu as the channel was re-airing programs that were promoting murder in Britain. Ofcom had canceled the license for Peace TV Urdu in November 2019. Currently, Peace TV and Peace TV Urdu are not allowed to broadcast in Britain.

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