Wildfires endanger the health of millions of people in the U.S., California, Oregon, and Washington. The entire West Coast, including San Francisco, is wrapped in a sheet of smoke on Saturday.

Millions of people have been forced to leave their homes and travel to safe places because of this tragedy. In certain areas because of the haze, the sky’s color has changed from blue to orange.

In fact, the fire’s death toll has risen to 31 in California, Oregon, and Washington. Increasing the death toll is expected. Most fatalities occurred in Oregon and California. Oregon’s emergency management director said more bodies were feared to be found.

The news agency has reported in a report quoting the agency that the State Fire Marshal has resigned after being sent on sudden administrative leave. People who live in homes are not healthy because of smoke, either. Five lakh people were asked to leave their homes and go to safe spots close to Oregon.

The air pollution levels have never been above this level. People placed towels under their doors to avoid the smoke. Some have masks of N95 in their homes too. California’s largest wildfire fires have ravaged an area of 4,375 square miles and 16,000 firefighters are attempting to extinguish the flames. California Department of Fire’s assistant deputy chief, Daniel Berlant, said there was a major fire in Washington state.

In mid-August, 22 people died due to forest fires in California. On the other hand, the White House said on Monday President Donald Trump would be leaving for California. Presidential Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden and California, Oregon, and Washington state governors have said the fire is the result of climate change.

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