New York:

Intense violent protests of the black civilian death in America amidst the Coronavirus are not going to stop. Now on the death of George Floyd, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has expressed his desire to protest peacefully.

He said the authorities would use restraint before taking measures against those protesting in the United States. According to the news agency, the UN Secretary-General has given the message that the protesters’ complaints should be heard peacefully, but the protesters should also understand and protest their demonstrations peacefully. UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said that in response, officials should also exercise restraint.

As well as that, he said there is a need to examine police brutality. Along with that, he said police services across the world require appropriate human rights awareness and the police require social and psychological assistance for their work. And they will do their work properly and secure the community.

The U.N. spokesman also gave his statement on the long-standing discrimination against black citizens in America. The USA, he added, is like every other nation in the world. Diversity is also prosperity here. So there’s no danger here, but in every society, the progress of disparate communities requires huge investment in social cohesion. Eliminating possible places of injustice, discrimination, and providing opportunities for all is critical in all countries.

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