The US election has started, and the campaign is in its final stages now. The first US election presidential debate took place on Wednesday, where Donald Trump and Joe Biden had a tense debate. Joe Biden accused Donald Trump of the Corona crisis during this time and said the US President had failed to perform his duties.

U.S. President Donald Trump answered during this period that the coronavirus originated from China, if China could say it all correctly, then the corona would not spread.

During this time, Trump told Joe Biden that you don’t know the exact figures of China yet, that you should see the figures of Russia and India. Let me remind you that even before this, on the topic of research, Donald Trump often compared America with India.

Donald Trump said that not just two lakhs, but more than a million people would have died if Joe Biden was in government. Our attempt is to make the vaccine available as soon as possible. Let me tell you that this is the first presidential debate of the US election.

The Supreme Court, Donald Trump’s record, and the question of the Supreme Court were addressed in the first debate. In the course of this, both candidates vigorously blamed each other.

The two candidates also clashed with each other on many issues, with Donald Trump accusing Joe Biden that he has no plan and nothing will happen with your arrival. And I’ve been president for four years, and I’ll stay that way even more. Joe Biden, on the other hand, accused Donald Trump of making false statements and exerting pressure on doctors.

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