Tensions between the US and China rose once again when US fighter jets came too close to Shanghai. Both countries closed each other’s consulates over the last week. Chinese authorities were forcefully evicted from the US city of Houston’s embassy.

The US Navy’s P-8A anti-submarine aircraft and EP-3E aircraft were flying across the Taiwan Strait on Sunday according to media reports on Monday. Its region sits adjacent to China’s Zhejiang and Fujian coasts.

China’s Shanghai Metropole is situated between both beaches. American fighter jets flew a few minutes out to 76.5 kilometers around Shanghai. This brought in the Chinese air safety system and left the Air Force speechless. Nonetheless, the condition returned to usual within a few minutes.

The Peking University think tank South China Sea Strategic Situation Probation Initiative tweeted about this Sunday morning, just after the passing of American aircraft. The organization tweeted again at night and told of American aircraft returning.

This news was the cover for Monday ‘s local newspapers. For the first time in recent decades, no American fighter aircraft have come so close to China. As the two countries are currently under stress on several issues and the US Navy’s activity in the Indo-Pacific Ocean has increased, the move of American aircraft closer to China is much discussed.

The United States is, notably, at loggerheads with China and Russia these days. The US is especially furious after the Chinese epidemic of Coronavirus, in which the US becomes much more annoyed at its intention to take over other countries and tell South China Xi to be it’s own. The US has deployed several of its warships in South China Xi to teach China a lesson. This has increased stress.

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