John Kerry, the special envoy of US President Joe Biden, is in China this week to discuss climate change. His visit is intended to elicit Beijing’s cooperation in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. He had previously visited India. He had expressed optimism about China’s cooperation at the time, but he was not entirely convinced about it.

Explain that the Biden Administration official has his first visit to China. Kerry arrived in China but is scheduled to meet with his Chinese counterpart at the Shanghai Hotel, according to the US Consulate. China, the world’s most polluting country, has stated that it will be carbon neutral by 2060.

This visit to China comes ahead of President Joe Biden’s upcoming climate conference with world leaders. Recently, officials from China and the US met in Alaska. During this time, the two countries clashed over China’s policies in Hong Kong and atrocities perpetrated against the Uygar people in the northwest’s Xinjiang region.

Officials in Shanghai hope to discuss the environmental challenges with the upcoming United Nations-led negotiations on climate change in Glasgow. The State Department said in a statement on Tuesday that Kerry would travel to China and South Korea between Wednesday and Saturday.

This visit is the highest-level visit to China ever in the Biden administration. On April 22–23, US President Biden has invited 40 world leaders, including Chinese President Xi Chinfing, for a climate conference to be held virtually.

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