In Iraq, a US military plane crashed. The accident occurred on Monday north of capital Baghdad, at the Iraqi military base. There’s no news of any casualties in this plane crash, though.

The US-led military alliance has issued a statement informing about the accident. According to information provided by the army, four soldiers were injured in this accident. The condition of all is being asked out of risk.

An investigation is underway into the accident. According to the news agency, Miles Kagin, a spokesman for the US-led military alliance, has described it as an accident. He said the C 130 U.S. Army aircraft had fallen victim to the Camp Taji, Iraq crash.

According to Kagin, the plane hit the wall and caught fire. In this incident, four soldiers were wounded. The soldiers wounded are undergoing treatment. His condition is out of danger. At the same time, the Iraqi army officer gave information about the rocket fall at Baghdad Airport and said that it is being investigated.

The Iraqi military official said the plane had seven crew members and 26 passengers. Two pilots were among those wounded. The Iraqi army, on the other hand, has also claimed to have shot down a missile near Baghdad airport.

The Iraqi army statement said the missile was fired from a location south of the airport. The army has started a search operation to catch missile-fired criminals. However, no damage is reported in this attack.

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