US President Donald Trump has suggested that all countrymen will head out with masks to avoid the Coronavirus outbreak. Trump has appealed to all countrymen to wear scarves or masks of homemade clothes. He has also said, however, that he himself does not wear a mask.

Citing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the President has asked people to cover the face with a scarf or a mask made at home, leaving medical masks for health workers.

Speaking to the media on Friday, the US President said, “The CDC has advised that medical or surgical masks will not be used. Health staff who save American lives need this mask the most. Health protective equipment is important for healthcare workers. Who’s offering substantial resources to save people?

The CDC also advised American people that they should use clear cloth masks at home or purchase non-medical masks only (not for medical personnel) if they wish.
However, Trump said that he would not abide by these guidelines. He said, ‘I don’t want to wear that sort of mask though.

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