President Donald Trump has decided, after the uproar and uproar in the US, to transfer control. He said, “Power will be handed over peacefully on 20 January”. Trump said on Thursday that Joe Biden would be systematically moved to power on January 20th.

The victory of Democratic Joe Biden for the US presidency and Kamala Harris for Vice President was officially sealed by Parliament. With the victory of Georgia’s Democratic candidates, the number of Democrats and Republicans became equal in the US Senate.

The Senate is made up of 100 representatives and both sides are now equal (50-50). Earlier, in the US Senate, Republicans had a majority. “Although I completely disagree with the results of the election, there will be an orderly transfer of power on January 20,” Trump said after confirming the victory of Biden (78) and Harris (59) in Parliament.

That the ‘brilliant first term as President has come to an end’ with this decision. Trump, reiterating his claims about rigging in the election, said, “This is the beginning of our struggle to make America great again.”

Let us tell you that the President is not ready to accept his defeat in the election and Allegations of rigging and manipulation in the elections. On January 20th, Biden and Harris will be sworn in.

Biden’s win was formally confirmed by a joint parliamentary session. Earlier, Trump supporters within the US Capitol Building caused a lot of uproar and violence, killing four people. The MPs were taken to safer places due to the violence. On November 3, there was a presidential election in the US. Biden and Harris received 306 electoral college votes.

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