In the Corona epidemic, US President Donald Trump, while referring to his visit to India, acknowledged the good relations between the two countries. He said that relations between the two countries have deepened considerably.

President Trump also claimed the U.S. has a large Indian community. He’s made a major contribution to build America. He said that both countries have come closer during the Corona epidemic.

His argument is quite relevant to the presidential election in mind. Let me tell you this year, in America, there are presidential elections. President Trump is eyeing these elections. Therefore, Trump leaves no stone unturned in praising India and the Prime Minister.

President Trump trumped electoral politics on the pretext of Indo-US relations amid concerns and preoccupations of the Corona epidemic. He generated a ripple in the US presidential election set to take place in 2020, relating to the American Indian community.

In the Corona epidemic, he continues to communicate good relations with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, popular among American immigrants.

In this sequence, he does not miss to praise India. Trump once again called Prime Minister Narendra Modi a ‘very good friend’ on Friday. He said the US is working on the coronavirus with India. He said both countries are battling this outbreak.

He said that India is a great country. Trump said that I returned from India a few days ago. Let’s remind you that, in February this year, President Trump came with his family. He told reporters that America and India work together.

He said it has a large Indian community in America. Many of them are working together on the vaccine manufacture of the Indian Coronavirus. He has also praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi on this occasion. He said the Prime Minister is my very close mate.

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