The ongoing protests against the death of African-American man George Floyd in the US have taken a fiery turn. Due to this curfew has been imposed in 40 cities of America. The White House has also been put under his influence. There have been narrow safety arrangements here. The entire white house was turned to a police station.

This has mobilized 5,000 National Guards to deal with the demonstrators. Also, 2000 guards have been asked to be deployed. U.S. President Donald Trump has also blamed the country’s left for continuing violence in different cities.

He said that the rioters were scaring innocent people, destroying jobs, damaging businesses, and burning buildings. Earlier Trump wrote on Twitter that the United States named Antifa as a terrorist organization Will do.

On the other side, it was often afraid that there was a rift about raciness in the US police department. Following this discussion, US National Security Advisor Robert O. Bryan denied claims that racism existed in US police forces.

He told the news media it was creating a misunderstanding. He said we don’t think there’s racism in the security services. Brian said 99.9 percent of blacks are law-abiding countries.

Meanwhile, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden visited an anti-racism demonstration in the state of Delaware on Sunday. He said the U.S. is in deep anguish. He said the country is facing a rather difficult process.

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