Traumatic brain injury (TBI) has been identified in 16 different U.S. Army troops serving in Iraq, according to the US Department of Defense Report. Earlier, information about 34 TBI-stricken soldiers was revealed.

Iran has carried out several missile attacks targeting Iraq’s US military to avenge Commander Qasim Suleimani’s assassination. In these attacks, those soldiers were wounded.

About vehicle accidents, the main reasons are also injuries during athletics and dropping from a height. Brain damage occurs when a sudden shock causes stretch and internal injury to the brain cells. This triggers chemical changes that affect normal brain functions.

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Campbell, the spokesperson for the Pentagon, said TBI has been identified so far in 50 officers and staff. Of these, 31 have returned to work after treatment in Iraq itself, while 18 have been sent to Germany for better treatment. On January 8, Iran had fired 11 ballistic missiles targeting Iraq’s al-Assad airbase.

More than a thousand Us soldiers and officers are deployed at this airbase, in addition to the Iraqi security forces. President Donald Trump previously stated that the Iranian attack did not harm any of the soldiers.

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