Thousands of fake news accounts closed on Twitter: Twitter has closed thousands of fake news accounts, AFP news agency reported. The decision has been taken by Twitter so that fake news should not be spread on Twitter through social media.

Fake news has been circulating on Facebook, the Votes app, Twitter and other social media. Often on your mobile, you have this kind of data. However, Twitter has decided to shut down thousands of fake news accounts in order to prevent fake news.

ANI reports about this. What is Fake News-Fake News is being developed without authenticating any data? Fake News is used to heighten the rift between the two religions, boost enmity, mislead.

In order to show that this information is true, fake accounts of news channels, newspapers, websites are created and tweeted. So this data seems to be accurate. For this purpose are used Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media.

News, photos are morphed using the PhotoShop. This is performed in order to pretend that this is true. Meanwhile, Twitter has closed thousands of accounts spreading such fake news. Twitter also said these accounts were closed worldwide.

Writer: Himani Ranade

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