Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared an emergency in Siberia. He has taken this decision after flowing about 20 thousand tonnes of diesel from a power plant storage center.

The Coronavirus crisis is widespread in the world at the moment, but with it, many problems are also coming. On Wednesday, 20,000 tons of diesel spread from a power plant in Russia, after which Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared an emergency in Siberia.

According to the news agency, 3000 km from Moscow. This leakage started on Friday near a plant in Norilsk. Yet, despite that, it increased so much that it created a crisis. Now, this fuel is not found in the Ambarnaya River, blockers have been put in place. Nearby is also a dam that crosses the river and ends directly in the Arctic Sea.

President Putin announced a state of emergency on Wednesday, and they issued instructions to examine the issue. According to the WWF Russia office, the leakage will cause damage to the fish and could result in a total loss of about $ 13 million.

This plant is operated by Norilsk ‘s division. Which is numbered among the world’s most polluted places. Thus far, the investigation hasn’t disclosed what caused this leakage. But, in a statement released by the company, it said that it is reviewing the damage done.

Let me remind you the coronavirus tragedy is ongoing in Russia at the moment. More than four-and-a-half lakh cases of coronavirus have been reported in Russia so far, while more than 5000 people have died. Lockdown is still in force in Russia but some have been relaxed.

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