Chelyabinsk: There was a powerful explosion at a gas station in the Chelyabinsk area of Russia Satka district. The blast was so enormous that it saw its fire growing to the very peak. People nearby made a video of it, on social networking sites this video went viral.

The explosion looks enormous, there are reports that one individual is wounded but no death is confirmed. Eyewitnesses claim the gas scent at the station was sensed just before the blast, but ignored, which after some time culminated in such a large explosion.

When the video of this blast was shared, the viewing public raised a lot of concern. He said if someone comes in such a big bang’s hold, his duds would float. In any way, it was hard to avoid him. Happily, no one has been identified.

After hearing the explosion in the area, which was also shared on social media, people on the road made a video of this. This video will be made while walking in a car.

Local media in Russia have reported the blasted story. It was reported, posting the video, that the gas station blast was very enormous, but people were spared from their grasp. Only after hearing the sound of the blast, those present nearby fled from the location.

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