At this time, there is a huge fear in the entire world because of Coronavirus. The United Nations plays a big part in bringing all the countries together in such a situation. There was also a discussion in the U.N. Security Council on Coronavirus.

Now on this subject, UNSC chief José Singer spoke to one news agency. He said there would be a big impact on the world’s economy because of Coronavirus. Regarding the state of the world following the Coronavirus crisis, he said that the position of India is now becoming important.

Under such a situation, everybody’s eye is in India that in the middle of this crisis he will play a big part. On obstructing the meeting of the UN Security Council from China, he said that it was difficult to talk about China on the basis of any new method. But other members insisted on this issue, after which the coronavirus was discussed in UNSC.

The UNSC chief says that this has affected the supply chain around the world, causing a crisis on the economy, security, and peace. José Singer once again reiterated the talk of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and said that the crisis arising from the coronavirus can be used as a terrorist bioweapon.

On the accusations made on the World Health Organization continuously by the US, he said the world wasn’t ready for this virus, no one had ever heard of it. Only to blame the World Health Organization will be incorrect.

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