US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said his government is reducing its troops from Europe and moving elsewhere as China poses a danger to India and the countries of South-East Asia.

Pompeo said this in response to a question during one of his virtual addresses at the Brussels Forum. Pompeo ‘s remarks in the context of the ongoing tension between India and China are significant.

Pompeo was asked why the US had reduced its forces from Germany. His response was-because he ‘s getting transferred to another venue. He found China a challenge to India and Southeast Asia.

Mike Pompeo was asked why the US Army contingent in Germany was reduced. Mike said that the army is being shifted to another place from there. The US Secretary of State said, due to the actions of the ruling Communist Party of China, a threat has arisen around India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the South China Sea.

To meet these challenges, we will ensure that the US military is deployed in the right place. Pompeo also made severe critiques of the Chinese government last week. He said the Chinese government is seeking to put new laws and legislation into effect.

Pompeo said the Donald Trump administration has strategically reviewed the deployment of the US military over the past two years. The US has seen the dangers and understood how resources such as cyber, intelligence, and military can be shared.

Earlier, Mike Pompeo said that he had accepted a proposal to negotiate with the European Union’s foreign policy head, Josep Borel, about China. He will probably travel to Europe for this. Pompeo said China is not only confronting America, the whole world faces China.

Pompeo said that I spoke to the European Union foreign ministers this month and got a lot of feedback about the Communist Party of China. Several facts have emerged, including the deadly clash with India in Ladakh, the provocative action by the People’s Liberation Army. It mentioned his aggression in the South China Sea, and the threat against peaceful neighbors.

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