After India, now America is also going to give a big blow to China. The US is also seriously considering a ban on Chinese mobile apps, including Tiktok. In this regard, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has provided information.

He said we are considering banning the app from China. On the other side, in Australia too, support for banning the Chinese app is growing. The Chinese company lost nearly $ 6 billion because of India ‘s ban on Tiktok.

On the one hand, there is a constant atmosphere against China in the world, and on the other, China is steadily increasing its action in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, now social media app Tiktok has also stopped its work in Hong Kong.

This decision has been taken when the administration of China has started occupying Hong Kong completely. In the past, China passed a Hong Kong law, which has now entered into force. According to the news agency, after this, now China has started censoring the Internet in Hong Kong, under this, many foreign applications and websites are being banned.

The US may ban Tiktok

Meanwhile, Tiktok announced that he had stopped his operation in Hong Kong. This was done because the social media company would have to follow certain laws under the new law, which is why many companies including Twitter, Facebook, and Google have been given notice in Hong Kong.

There, there is a lot of opposition to the new security law that has come to Hong Kong. Many individuals have also been detained following the law’s implementation. Under the same law, the Security Act prohibits information sharing, just as China bans external apps.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, on the other hand, has also said America is still contemplating a restriction on Chinese social networking devices. These will also include apps like TicketLock. Let me tell you that earlier, the Indian government had banned 59 mobile apps in China, including TikTok, citing security.

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