New Delhi:

India dominates south of Pangong Lake, located near the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh. Therefore China has begun construction in the Finger area north of the lake, which is no longer desirous of its handiwork.

Sources gave this information on Wednesday. After the skirmish on the south coast on 7 September, Chinese activity came to light immediately. The number of People’s Liberation Army personnel has increased since Tuesday evening, according to sources. They’re bringing along more equipment. There’s a very short distance to both sides between the soldiers.

Pangong Lake or Pangong Tso is located in Ladakh’s disputed area of the Indo-China frontier. It is 4350 meters above sea level and stretches from Ladakh to Tibet for 134 kilometers. An area of 45 km of this lake is located in India, while a region of 90 km is located in China.

The southern part of Pangong Lake in Ladakh is now fully occupied by India. Many mountain peaks are now occupied by India. Let us tell you that all these areas were taken away from India in the 1962 war.

India’s troops are now sitting on high peaks on Pangong Lake’s south shore, while China’s army is in the low-lying areas. The land around the southern shore is flatter and wider than Pangong Lake’s northern shore.

And, this route also makes easy access to the Ladakh and Chushul valleys for the Indian Army. The height of the mountains through which this route passes is up to 16,000 feet and now India’s soldiers are at the height of those mountains.

North of the lake, finger areas range from Finger 1 to Finger-8. India believes it has its territory in Finger-8. The Finger-4 area was already under India’s control but Chinese soldiers came to Finger-4 in May and built many structures from there to Finger-8. The Indian Army is also standing face to face with the Chinese soldiers on Finger-4 (India-China Border Issue Latest News).

Till two days ago, this finger area was the biggest point of deadlock. After several rounds of military and diplomatic level talks, the Chinese troops withdrew from the Finger-4 area in the first week of July, but they are still present at its peak.

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