Tel Aviv:

Israel, with a population of around 9 million, is now facing the Corona outbreak. To present, more than 11,000 individuals have been reported infected with coronavirus disease in this West Asian nation and have lost more than 110 lives.

The national intelligence agency Mossad has also descended from Corona in Israel along with many health agencies. To ensure the security of the country, this agency, which is also conducting its operations abroad, is currently playing an important role in removing the shortage of medical devices.

According to Israeli medical and safety officials, Mossad is also deeply involved in the fight against Coronavirus. It is helping to procure medical devices and production technologies from abroad.

At present, the entire world is struggling with a shortage of medical supplies. He said that at present there is no threat from Iran, which is severely battling the Corona epidemic, is playing a role in the country’s influential intelligence agency Health Emergency.

Officials state that in February last year, Yitsak Kress, director-general of Sheba Medical Center, the country’s largest hospital, consulted with Mossad head Yossi Cohen in consideration of the need for ventilators and other critical medical equipment. Cohen then sought a list of requirements from the Ministry of Health and activated the international network of its Agency to address those needs.

27050cookie-checkThe Israeli security agency even entered into war with Corona