The campaign, which started five months ago in Hong Kong as a peaceful mass march, has now become the biggest political crisis in the world. Constant demonstrations against the government and the policies of China have caused widespread disruption.

As a global financial hub, Hong Kong’s continuing uncertainty has started to affect businesses around the world. Many international companies and brands are considering moving out of Hong Kong and relocating their branches elsewhere.

Hong Kong is a global financial center, so even the slightest injury to its economy affects trade worldwide. Retail trade and the number of tourists visiting the city have been steeply decreasing. People lose their jobs and are forced to shut down down small industries. In May this year, 59 Lakh tourists reduced to 31 Lakh in September.

Experts believe that if China committed its forces to an area, such action could be catastrophic for Hong Kong. It’s about to crash the stock market. This will also affect the entire world economy.

Large-scale migration from the city will continue, increasing the number of migrants from Hong Kong to other countries. As a legacy of 1997, many Hong Kongers have foreign passports and it is easy for them to go abroad.

Most brands and businesses from around the world are caught between pro-China and anti-China demonstrators. Brands and companies sympathetic to protesters face Chinese nuisance and financial stalemate, and protesters have to meet those who pretend to be sympathetic to China.

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