Since 19 new patients of the mutated corona virus variant emerged in Paris, the French government’s restlessness has increased. French Prime Minister Jean Castex said that his border with Britain will continue to be banned by France until further notice.

The decision has been taken after receiving 19 new cases of the British mutant corona virus variant in France.The Prime Minister stated that we would like to avoid the spread of these variants at all costs in France.We take very seriously the threat of both these variants and we will take all necessary steps.

Owing to new strains of corona virus, there is a global panic. The majority of nations have banned aircraft coming from Britain. France has announced that it will not open its borders to Britain until further orders have been given.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex said that France would continue to ban its border with Britain until further notice. Jean Castex said France closed its border with Britain on 20 December when new strains spread in Britain.

This latest ban has now been expanded to the next order. It is reported that this new strain is more infectious than ever. Only those types of persons will be permitted to enter France, however. This exemption covers drivers of trucks as well. Drivers will also be allowed to cross the border only if the negative results of the PCR test performed within three days are recorded.

On Thursday, the French Ministry of Health announced that in a care home in Bagneaux, a southern suburb of Paris, and in the Brittany region of western France, two clusters of the latest Corona form were found. The Health Ministry said, “We are clearly trying to identify other groups.”

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