Due to the horrifying type of coronavirus disease, economies around the world have collapsed. In the world, there is no nation that the virus has not entered. The cruise ship market is also one of the businesses most impacted by Corona. It has come so far that, by breaking it, metal is extracted from a cruise ship.

The shipbreaking trade at the sea dock located at Aliga Port in western Turkey is growing rapidly. Work is underway to dismantle five luxury cruise ships here. The head of the group that broke the ship informed this.

These cruise ships are the ones that reported hundreds of cases of the corona at the onset of the epidemic. They have become infamous for the Corona cruise ship. These cruise ships come from large nations such as the United States, Britain, and Italy. The US administration ordered all cruise ships not to operate in March. Because of this, they started being junk.

Work is on to break the walls, windows, floors, and railings within these ships at Aliga Port in Izmir city, 45 km north of Turkey’s west coast. Kamil Onal, chairman of the Ship Recycling Industrial Association, pointed out that, prior to the outbreak, ship-breaking yards in Turkey usually handled cargo and container ships.

Since the outbreak, he said, the work to dismantle the cruise ship at Aliga Port has increased. Owing to this crisis, this work has increased. There is no work left on the cruise ship now and they are turning into junk, so the metal is being removed from them by breaking them here.

Onal said 2500 people work at this yard and it takes six months for a passenger ship to be dismantled completely. These cruise ships have been brought from Britain, Italy, and the United States. He said the shipyard aims to increase the amount of disintegrated steel to 1.1 million tonnes by the end of January. We are trying to turn disaster into an opportunity.

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