It was said that it was the biggest jewelry shop named Punchwati Ratnalay.

In a daring daylight robbery, a gang of 10-12 armed men raided a well-known jewelry shop here on Friday afternoon and decamped with diamond and gold ornaments worth 4 crores. The rapine also took away the footage of CCTV cameras and injured two people who tried to resist the crime.

Polish said it was the biggest jewelry shop heist in the state capital in recent memory. The incident that occurred in Ashiana Digha road, a busiest commercial hub in the Patna, has sent shock waves among traders and the general public in the city. As the Panchwati jewelers, opened for the last three years now, is situated just 2 km from Rajiv Nagar police station. The police said that the four robbers entered the shop around 1.30 pm.

“Posing as customers, the robbers entered our shop and asked us for the diamond necklaces. We did not notice anything wrong. All were the mid-30s and were speaking Hindi and Bhojpuri, an employee said. Soon, the five who standing outside entered the shop holding the security guard at gunpoint. The other also whipped out pistols and asked the staff to hand over all gold ornaments and not try to raise an alarm. When Ratnesh Kumar Sharma chairman of the shop and the guard Chotu resisted, the robbers hit them with pistol buts. “They threatened to kill staff and owners if they did not corporate,” said Sharma.

We were scared and could not raise an alarm. We had to let them take whatever they want. They stuffed all the ornaments inside there bags,” said another employee.

According to the local public, the man escaped from the spot waving guns in the air to scare the crowd. Some passerby informed the police. A large team of police led zonal IG Sunil Kumar, DIG Rajesh Kr and others arrived the spot and assured that the criminals would be nabbed at the earliest.

Forensic expert and a dog squared were also passed in the service. The police scanned the CCTV footage from cameras installed in the market. But the robbers also took away the DVR of CCTV cameras inside the shop.

The zonal IG formed a special investigation team (SIT) headed by SSP to crack the case. More than ten police officers included in the raids were being conducted in and around the state capital while the CID team also assists the SIT.

Writer: Prity Singh

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