Fire exploded in Biebrza National Park, the biggest in Poland. According to the report, the fire caught pace due to the drought prevailing here. Drought issue has been going for the last year.

After the first fire flames on Sunday, a fire spread over 6,000 hectares or 10 percent of the park, which houses some of Europe’s best-preserved wetlands and is home to grasses, beavers, wolves and unique birds.

Resident Joanna Skrzypkowska told the news agency that it was a very bad tragedy. Typically everything here is submerged at this time of year. I spoke to a firefighter who claimed he never had seen something like this before.

Apart from this, the 56-year-old teacher said that he is fighting hard and he did not sleep for three nights, just battling the fire. So that people can be helped.

Within this park gradually the forest fire spread. At the same time, the Ministry of the Environment claimed it suspected that illegally burning grass was responsible for the fire and that the explosion was caused by heavy wind and drought.

Let us know that earlier this same fire was in the jungles of Australia. The fire in Poland had been during the Coronavirus epidemic at the time.

On the one side, as the entire globe is battling a battle with Corona, on the other, it has caught fire. Corona has killed more than 1 lakh people across the world through the number of persons affected has crossed about 24 lakh.

Most nations have even placed a lockout of their nations under such a case to deter this outbreak. There’s no treatment for this virus spreading from Wuhan, China at this moment. All are advised to stay home.

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