Continuing tension between North and South Korea is deepening. North Korea also rejected a proposal from South Korea to send a special ambassador on their behalf, seeking to end the dispute and tension.

North Korea has escalated tensions by talking about increasing the deployment of army personnel along the border. Not only this, but North Korea has also destroyed the joint division office built-in Kensong Industrial Complex.

Reuters quoted KCNA as saying that the office was built in the year 2018, which was blown up a day earlier. The office was built upon agreement and cooperation between the two countries’ top officials.

Any move like the cancelation of peace agreements between the two countries will be helpful to shock South Korean President Moon Jae-in ‘s efforts on their behalf, according to the agency. Not just that, but that would also hinder the policies of US President Donald Trump.

Significantly, South Korea on Monday offered to send it’s National Security Advisor Chugh Oui Yong and Intelligence Chief Soo Hoon as Special Ambassadors to North Korea. But it didn’t take long for Kim Yo Jong, the North Korean chief’s sister, to refuse his plan.

He turned down the proposal, saying that it was impractical and frightening. He has fiercely criticized the President of South Korea, Moon. He claims Moon refused to enforce the deals that the two countries concluded in 2018. He has only served to flatter America.

On the other hand, a statement issued by the South Korean President’s office, Blue House, has criticized Moon as wrong and foolish. It has been stated in this statement that such a statement ended the trust created between the two countries.

Through this comment, it has also been stated that South Korea does not accept these unwarranted and needless announcements. However, the Blue House spokesperson refused to explain its meaning in detail.

Criticizing South Korea on behalf of KCNA, it has been said that the current tension is only a result of South Korea’s failure and carelessness. Therefore, it can be eliminated only by paying a fair price.

The North Korean government mouthpiece Rodong Sinmun has also published photographs before and after the destruction of the licensing office, confirming that it has now been destroyed. In this article, South Korea has been severely criticized.

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