New Delhi:

India and China field commanders are holding talks on Ladakh ‘s Line of Actual Control to resolve the Galvan Nala area impasse. China is looking to dominate this northern Ladakh region.

China has been protesting against the Indian building activity in this region according to government reports. In this region India is developing continuously. Some of the Chinese Air Force aircraft have also circled near the Indian Petroling Point in the past.

Indian satellite and intelligence agencies have revealed that China has also built many roads in the nearby areas. All these roads are very close to the Indian Patrolling Point. These roads are also near the Galvan River, a tributary of the Shyok River.

Due to the increased cost of construction work in the Galvan Nala region, the armies of both countries have increased their tensions. Both of the armies in this area have increased military activity. Sources claim that China first built roads in this area, after which the Indian Army increased military activity in this area and started constructing roads near LAC.

Chinese military aircraft have been seen near the Indian Patrolling Line. High officials of the Indian Army are also now under watch on the Galvan region. They are making efforts to reduce the ongoing tension between the two countries.

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