The dispute between Taipei and Beijing over Taiwan not being invited to the World Health Meeting has deepened. Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen on Wednesday said he strongly objected to China’s claim of sovereignty.

Taiwan said as part of China ‘s offer of sovereignty for ‘one nation, two systems’ it will not consider becoming part of China. China has meanwhile called on Taiwan to compromise so that the two sides would coexist.

In a speech after being sworn in for his second and final term, Tsai said relations between Taiwan and China had reached a historic turning point. He said all sides ought to consider a long-term way to coexist and avoid the strength of aggression and disagreements.

Let us tell you that Tsai and his Democratic Progressive Party have won the presidential and parliamentary elections held in January. On this occasion, he said that Taiwan, a country in China, rejects the principle of two systems and condemns it.

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