Paramaribo : A military court sentenced Suriname’s president, Daisy Bouters, for the assassination of her political rivals. Bouters was sentenced to 20 years in prison by the military court. While Bouters became South America’s dictator in 1982, he was charged with assassinating political rivals.

For a long time, the case was going on. As a result, six suspects are killed. Significantly, 13 people and two military officers were killed during President Bouterse’s term. In 2007, a lawsuit against Bouters and 24 other defendants was reported by military prosecutors.

On the other hand, Irwin Canahi, Bouterse’s attorney, claims in this case that the president is actually on a visit to China and will appeal against the decision coming back next week. He said that the Bouters ‘ time on the patronized area was tarnished in the murder case.

He said those killed had been arrested for plotting with the help of the CIA to take action against the coup and shot while trying to escape.

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