New Delhi:

In something that is straight out of the movie ‘Bunty Aur Bubbly’, a prankster put up the statue of unity for sale on listings website OLX.

The world’s tallest statue was listed with the price tag of 30,000 crore rupees. It claimed that the money would be donated towards medical and health care purposes. However, it is now being taken down.

Japanese robots were made to stand in for students attending the virtual graduation ceremony. These robots were dressed in complete grad attire and had tablets displaying the graduating students. The ceremony was attended in person by a few administrators who operated remote control robots.

A canceled skiing vacation has led a Barcelona rested to create the experience at home using a camera, fixed to the ceiling he shot a stop-motion film that shows him climbing a mountain and also skiing down its icy slopes. The movie called Freeride at home has received nearly five lakh views already.

First, there were goats in Wales and now dear in London. Making the most of empty streets and the absence of human activity a deer herd had moved into a London neighborhood. They took over the lawn and munched on fresh urban grass and even taking a nap on them the news is all that the residents have to say is “Oh dear”.

Writer: Sakshi Gupta

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