Former Kolkata Mayor Sovan Chatterjee Says bye to Trinamool Congress Party and joins BJP on Wednesday. He was the closest aide of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. For BJP party Mr. Sovan Chatterjee is seen to be a big catch.

Before Sovan Chatterjee one more leader of Trinamool Congress Party Mukul Roy taken the exit from the party and he told reporters that BJP will win the upcoming elections in Kolkata while welcoming his co-leader from Trinamool party.

Mukul Roy also said “He’s going to strengthen the BJP now … Let me repeat that Trinamool won’t even get the opposition party status.”

A 2 time Mayor Sovan Chatterjee always being close to Mamata Banerjee and he was with the moon party from the beginning. Mamata Banerjee used to call him from his nickname “Kanan”.

In 2017 Chatterjee was called by the enforcement directorate and CBI in Narada sting case. He was caught on camera exchanging cash with the journalist who carried the sting with the alleged leaders of Trinamool party.

The BJP made deep inroads in West Bengal in the national election by winning 18 of the 42 parliamentary seats in the state, just four less than Mamata Banerjee’s party.

Writer: Sakshi Soni

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