Singapore’s ruling People’s Action Party won in a general election Friday. The opposition Workers Party won a historic 10 seats in this. The news agency reported that the PAP formed the next government, winning about 90% of the 93 seats.

The ruling party has won about 90 percent of the 93 seats. According to a report by the news agency, the PAP polled 61.24% of the vote. The party got 69.9% of its votes in the 2015 elections.

According to the report of the news agency, PAP workers are excited to win. The party, on the other side, has begun to plan to form the next administration. The voting period in Singapore was extended by two hours due to the Corona epidemic.

In the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, the physical distance rules between voters were followed. Polling stations were observed following the laws regulating physical space. That has resulted in long queues at polling stations.

In the polling booths, everyone wore masks on their faces. To reduce congestion, the Singapore Election Commission increased the number of polling stations compared to the previous election. The last time the number of polling stations was 880, this time was increased to 1,100.

The special thing is that in Singapore every citizen must vote. A total of 192 candidates from 11 parties stood for 93 seats here. Lee Sen Loong has served as Singapore’s Prime Minister since 2004. In the September 2015 elections, his PAP group had secured 83 seats. The opposition workers’ party won six seats.

PM’s brother Li Sen Yang has recently joined the opposition party ‘Progress Singapore Party’. However, he is not participating in the election. There is a dispute between the two brothers over the property sharing. Lee’s father was the first Prime Minister of the country. He had been PM for 31 years.

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