From September 1, 2021, Singapore is banning the trade of elephant ivory as domestic trade. The sale of ivory and its products and the public display will be prohibited once the ban came into effect by Singapore.

The illegal trade in species will resolve Singapore in the fight and will be shown in the convention on international trade in Endangered species of wild animals and plants, said Nparks.

Elephant ivory has been banned in Singapore since 1990.
After the implementation of the ban, traders can donate their stock in institutions for educational purpose or they can keep them also.
Ban will not be applicable in the educational and religious purpose. Musical instruments and personal effects that can contain ivory will continue for the use for the general public.

People who violate the ban will be charged under the endangered spices act according to Nparks. And a fine of $10000 per specimen not more than $100000 in total and also jail for 12 months.

Writer: Ritika Rana