Anushka Sharma released a letter on her twitter account by breaking her silence on all the allegations claiming to be wrong. Ex Indian wicket-keeper Farokh Engineer had earlier said that he served tea to Anushka. she was not even acquainted with one of the selectors during the World Cup.  Then, I asked him who was the euphemism as he was carrying the Indian blazer, and he said that he was one of the selectors. All they were doing was having Anushka Sharma (Kohli’s wife) teacups.

“I don’t want to claim responsibility for his (Kohli’s) performance or be blamed. My friendship with the entity has nothing to do with my career or the occupation of the guy,” Anushka said in an interview.

Some of the few lists of controversies that included her.

  • Performance of her husband in games
  • Extra attention by the board
  • Her security and tickets  in the world cup and matches
  • a group photo of Indian players along with the high commissioner
  • Selector served her tea

Anushka Sharma Statement

Anushka Sharma Statement

If we read her statement, It is very much clear that she believes that it high time to speak and put her points against all the wrong allegations. However, the question arises that did this allegation will continue to follow her? I think its high time as a fan and humanity, we should not mark any statement to anyone’s wife and furthermore, she is not related to that game. Why so? We should respect everyone till the point we don’t get any facts.

She is a self-made person, having an 11-year wonderful journey in Bollywood, a producer, and an entrepreneur. She does not need any kind of publicity to be in such cases. If she is quiet and not responding to any allegations, It does not mean that she is not getting affected. We have to respect her silence. Time to time, Indian team Capitan Virat Kohli takes a stand for her. Still, people censure her.

We have to stop marking comments on her either on the performance of the team or being in the picture with the team or cheering for her husband. We really admired you Anushka Sharma being such a composed person and entertaining the world on her acting skills only.

20480cookie-checkSilence is not my weakness, I am self-made person, Anushka Sharma says