Scientists have opened a front to save the world from the ill effects of climate change. More than 300 science personalities from 20 countries have issued a joint declaration regarding this.

The manifesto has called upon the people to launch mass civil disobedience movement against their respective governments. Scientists say that if activities are not done to fix the rising problem of climate change, the world can be ruined and intolerable misery will have to be endured.

Scientists  open front to tackling climate change
Scientists open front to tackling climate change

These scientists have supported the peaceful demonstrations under the banner of the Extinction Rebellion, an organization seeking immediate action to combat climate change.

Notable meteorologists, physicists, biologists, engineers, and chemists are among those who signed the declaration issued for the war against climate change. He took this action because of the government’s delay in tackling the climate change issue. Around twenty scientists who signed the sign wore white science coats outside the Science Museum in London.

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