The second corona vaccine human trial has now started in Coronavirus Vaccine, Russia. The news agency reported on Tuesday that a trial has started for another corona vaccine by a Russian virology center. On July 27, under the human trial of the corona vaccine, the first dose of this corona vaccine has been given to one in five humans.

The agency reported the person was feeling well after getting the dose of the vaccine. The news agency cited public health watchdog Rospotrebnadzor as telling that another dose will be given by the Institute of Vector Virology Siberia to another human on July 30 under the trial of Corona Vetsin.

According to the Clinical Trial Register, 100 people are expected to register for human trials. Those whose age will be between 187 and 60 years. According to the World Health Organization, the Institute of Vector Virology is working on six different potential corona vaccines.

With this, work is progressing rapidly on the first Corona vaccine in Russia. The Gamaleya Institute, a research center in Moscow, completed an initial human trial of an adenovirus-based vaccine earlier this month. The company has said that it is preparing for a large-scale trial in August.

Efforts are underway to combat the worldwide coronavirus epidemic. More than 100 vaccination trials are underway across the world, according to the International Health Organisation (WHO). Four of these vaccines are in the third phase of human trials. Three Corona vaccinations are being produced out of this in China, and one vaccine is being examined in the UK.

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