Russian-made helicopter manufacturer for defense needs raised questions about the delay in a deal with India. Andrey Boginsky, chief executive of the group, said India had signed a deal for the army long ago to buy 200 helicopters. In this respect, we provided the Indian Ministry of Defense with all the necessary information. But I don’t understand why India is distraining this deal.
Talking to a news agency at the Dubai Airshow, Boginsky said that we have given all the important details of the deal to India’s Defense Ministry, but no action has been taken so far from India.
The India-Russia chopper deal was agreed in 2015. The deal is worth $1 billion. India was supposed to meet 60 ready-to-use Russian Kamov KA226-T helicopters, a period 140 helicopters were to be installed in India under the project ‘ Make in India. ‘. India also talked about purchasing 100 choppers for the Navy separately.
India would benefit if the Indian Navy blends the 100-chopper contract with the original deal.

21290cookie-checkRussia said, “The Indian government is tarring the Kamov helicopter contract