New Delhi:

The Chinese Army once again tried to infiltrate into Indian territory, but the Indian Army stopped this action. There was also a conflict between the Indian Army and the Chinese Army around this time.

When the Chinese army was moving from the Galvan River towards India in the first week of May, the Indian Army was alerted and increased the deployment of troops. Sources told the news agency that the Chinese Army intended to infiltrate Indian territory and make camps, but it could not move in front of the Indian Army.

The Indian Army soon sent its forces to the field and stopped the Chinese Army’s advance. Due to this, the Chinese army’s dream of infiltrating into Indian territory in the Galvan Valley region was not fulfilled. Sources say that the target of the Chinese Army was the road near Galvan Point.

Due to this road, the Indian Army can move freely in the Galvan Valley area. Sources say that road construction is being done in the border India region for the last 2-3 years, due to which China is feeling danger to itself.

This latest attempt of the Chinese army to infiltrate is a result of this. Let us tell you that China has deployed more than five thousand soldiers along the Line of Actual Control and the eastern Ladakh region of India.

After that, India has also increased its troop deployment to give China a proper response. There was, though, no single firing between the Indian Army and the Chinese Army after 1967.

At present, the deadlock between Indian and Chinese troops continues along the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh. Meanwhile, the government said on Thursday that negotiations are on for a peaceful resolution of the border dispute with China and reminded that the two countries have signed several agreements to maintain peace on the border.

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