America’s Vice President Mike Pence once again appeared among the people without a mask. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was together with him. Both arrived at a Florida restaurant and spent some time there.

The vice president and governor had visited the restaurant to illustrate the government’s reopening efforts. The US has begun to relax strict policies to ramp up the economy. With a small number of clients, the restaurant has been permitted to open early.

Vice President Pence even though he did not shake hands with the people present in the restaurant, but he did not follow social distancing. He sat fewer than six feet apart and started to speak to people.


The Vice President and the Governor spent some time in the restaurant, where some other customers sat near them as well. It should be remembered that some of them didn’t even wear masks.

According to Vice President spokesman Devin O’Malley, the temperature of the restaurant’s customers and employees were checked before Vice President Mike Pence’s visit. This was also questioned whether they have any corona signs.

During the visit, Pence was told that state guidelines are being kept in mind to open the restaurant in a phased manner. Arrangements for only 50% of customers were made under this. Significantly, before this, the restaurant was allowed only home delivery or parcel.

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