Read This Before Going For New Laptop Or Desktop Computer

When entering into the world of computers (Laptops, Desktop etc) it can get very easy to get confused and loose sight of your goals and sometimes your budget.

Keep in mind that there’s no right order of things to consider. In most cases, your own circumstances determine what thing to prioritize so we will throw everything for you but you must still be the one to decide what matters most to you.

Before going for anything check out these factors before;

1. Price : Laptop computers cost more than desktop computers in the similar performance. So, you should verify your necessaries to buy more expensive one (laptop computers). The best of laptop computers is mobility and portability. If you really need a portable computer, get a laptop that may better than finding an Internet cafe.

You might doubt why similar or lower specification such CPU speed, RAM capacity and speed, Hard drive capacity but more cost than Desktop computer. Laptop computers need smaller, lighter, impact resistant and low electric power consumption part to compose to be a laptop computer but Desktop computers are not important. Those components need more cost to produce every part than desktop.

2. Usability: Most home users usually buy computers to be used mainly for browsing and light office and school tasks. If you are this type, then you should avoid sales pitches that touts performance. In a lot of cases, sales people in stores will offer the more expensive computers first by highlighting amazing specifications of video cards, processors, and hard drive capacity. Unless you want to do graphics-heavy tasks like video editing, gaming, 3D professional works and such, we suggest that you avoid expensive rigs. If you know that all you want to do is browse the internet, chat with friends, or do some class assignments, you can always save your hard-earned bucks for other features at a later time.

3. Operating system: Most of the time Windows operating system is sold in different types, with the more expensive editions usually offering more features. For example, Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system is being offered in four different editions — Home, Pro, Enterprise, Education. Each of these editions have varying list of features so make sure that you do some research before buying one. Some stores will usually ask a customer what Windows operating system to install on their machine so make sure that you do your research ahead of time. Editions with more features are obviously more expensive so unless you really need a particular feature that’s only offered in the most expensive edition, do some study in order to save some dollars. For example, Windows 10 Home edition does not offer a full disk encryption feature called BitLocker so if you take hard drive security seriously, you should pick other editions.

4. Mobility: The most important factors to choose expensive Laptop computers or huge box Desktop computers. A laptop computer is more mobility for sure. If you often carry the computer to work, you need to buy a laptop. LaptopJudge also confirms that due to mobility, laptops are becoming more popular among students.

5. Space necessity: Laptop computers require small space, however, is desktop computers require much more space? With LCD panel monitor, you don’t need space on your desk more than laptop computers but it requires space to place desktop computer case.

6. Ergonomics: The ergonomics design is important for user health. Frequently use computers caused to harm human body systems. Proper body position by using ergonomics computer reduced health damaging from continued use. Desktop computers is more ergonomic than laptop computers. The keyboard should close to your lap level and top level monitor should in horizontal of eyes level. Laptop computers can’t set any close to ergonomics position. There is an accessory help laptop computer ergonomics.

You need to consider these factors the most – price, mobility, space, necessity, and ergonomics. If you affordable for both Laptop and Desktop computer, it’s always smart to buy both. Two computers for the suitable situation – laptop for mobility/desktop for the power of process – is frequently cheaper and efficient than a powerful but expensive notebook. Your computers also less deteriorated than have one, more customizable and if one is broken, another one is likely a backup computer.


Netbooks – The alternative of Notebooks

There is another version of laptop computers – netbook computers – a small version of the notebook (traditional laptop version). They come with very small screens and very small keyboards that smaller than notebooks which have rather small screens and keyboards for users. Netbook computers is also lower performance than notebook too. But they have the advantage that cheaper, lighter and longer use by the battery. So, if you don’t need more power of the processor, can read super small text on the small screen or don’t need to look for a long time, can type on a tiny keyboard then try netbooks, but not recommend at all for serious jobs. If you are looking for laptop stand, Check out my another article “How to get the best vertical laptop stand”

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