On Wednesday, a Nepalese civil society group organized a protest against China for allegedly building buildings on the territory of the region. A set of people carrying it out in the Humla district, according to media reports. China, on the other hand, claims that construction has taken place on its frontier.

Slogans such as “Return Nepal land” and “Stop Chinese expansionism” were raised on behalf of the activists. China has reportedly built 11 buildings in the Humla district of the Nepalese area bordering Tibet, according to media reports.

The disputed area is in Lamcha village of the Namkha Rural Municipality in Humla district. From Beijing, however, it was said that these constructions were carried out inside the Chinese border.

Reports also indicated that Pilar number 11, which defines the boundary between Nepal and China, has disappeared from the area. Duttraj Hamal, assistant chief district officer for Humla, who recently visited the disputed area, was quoted by the Kathmandu Post as saying that there used to be a hut in the area in 2005.

“I talked to the people there and informed the Chief District Officer,” Hamal said. He now went to that area on the instructions of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Humla’s Member of Parliament, Chakka Bahadur Lama, said that the conflict will continue until both sides figure out where the missing pillar is located.

My Republica said that a Nepalese delegation headed by Humla ‘s Chief District Officer had gone to the area on Tuesday to speak to Chinese officials. The Chinese security workers had returned them, however, claiming that the land came under the Chinese share.

The Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu, meanwhile, denied the allegations and said that buildings on the Chinese side of the border were being built. A statement released by the embassy confirmed that the Chinese government has done the necessary investigation into the matter, and if requisite, the Nepal government can do so as well.

The declaration also claimed that China and Nepal have no territorial dispute. On border problems, both sides have always maintained close contact. China and Nepal are friendly neighboring countries. China has always respected Nepal’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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