Britain’s Prince Charles epidemic has been hit by the coronavirus. They were found to be infected by a coronavirus. The test was found to be positive. Clarence House announced on Wednesday that Prince Charles’ coronavirus test has come positive but his health is fine. 71-year-old Prince Charles was tested for coronavirus in Scotland.

He was here with his wife Kamila, Cornwall’s duchess, whose check has come down negative. A spokesperson for Clarence House said the Prince and Duchess have now separated themselves at home in Scotland, according to government and medical advice.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a three-week lockdown to prevent infection. Yet the British people will not take his decision to seriously. Underground trains running throughout the country crowd the passengers, which brings this order into question.

Buckingham Palace has also been overshadowed by the Coronavirus due to Prince Charles being infected with the Coronavirus. In past Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II was moved to Windsor Castle from Buckingham Palace.

However, symptoms of the Korana virus were not seen in Queen Elizabeth II or anyone close to her. The administration took this step as a precautionary measure.

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