For West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee a new online campaign was launched on Friday to let people Express “why they are proud of Mamta” this campaign is launched by The Trinamool Congress Party.

With a new Twitter page and hashtag “Amar Garbo Mamata”, the campaign reminded people of her government’s achievements in the last eight years.

The program first floated by political strategist Prashant Kishor, who has been signed up to help the Trinamool Congress to arrest the surge of the BJP in West Bengal ahead of state elections due in 2021.

This program is started to remind people about the work done by Mamta Banerjee in the past 8 years as chief minister of West Bengal. Under this program, people can write about the work done by Mamta Banerjee using the hashtag “Amar Garbo Mamata”

Earlier this week the party has launched a program for west Bengal people to tell their problems to chief minister Mamta Banerjee “Didi Ke bolo” (Tell didi). The party has started a helpline number as well as an online portal (social media) to get directly in touch with Chief minister.

After the stunning result of Lok sabha election 2019 when it managed to wrest 18 of the state’s 42 seats, had demonstrated the extent of the slide of Trinamool which has dominated polls since ending three decades of communist rule in 2011. Mamta Banerjee trying hard to win the upcoming 2021 state elections with a majority of seats.

Writer: Sakshi Soni

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