Postmaster General Lewis Dejoy, the postal service chief of US President Donald Trump, has agreed to appear before Congress. The main opposition Democratic Party in America consistently demanded that Dejoy appears before Congress and House of Representatives committee to explain his point.

The committee is investigating changes in the postal service that are inhibiting the process of mail-in ballots. The opposition has accused Dejoy that he is acting at the behest of President Trump and disrupting the mail-in ballot process in the presidential election.

The opposition accused him of this when the post chief questioned the Democrats’ demand and raised his hand for Ballet Male. On the other hand, US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Sunday she is calling the House’s session again in the midst of the ongoing crisis over the US Postal Service.

Pelosi will vote on stopping the summer vacation period for MPs. The vote will be to prevent changes in the postal service from being made by the Trump administration. Current Postmaster General Lewis Dejoy’s decision to suspend delivery, higher fees, and reduce programs has been criticized around the country.

There are also fears that the White House, headed by Trump, is making attempts to diminish the Postal Service ‘s position before the presidency. Such precautions were taken as millions of Americans tried to vote by post in November’s presidential election, despite Corona’s hazard.

On the other hand, Nancy Pelosi, the chairman of the Democratic Party’s majority House of Representatives, said in an interview on Monday that some Republicans are also supporting her proposal.

He said we will only vote by the mail-in ballot in the presidential election. He showed trust that it will be a complete success. Nancy said we can’t depend on President Trump to vote during the general election.

Democrats have expressed concern that mail delivery is being deliberately slowed down due to postal service overtime cuts, restrictions on additional mail transport services, and changes in delivery policies.

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