New Delhi:

Today at 9 am the honorable PM made a request to the citizens of India. Everyone has been wondering what change a single man can bring, well Modi Ji said that whenever we need him, he gives his undivided attention to the nation.

Today he asked us to show some support to the social workers. He asked that on 5th April at 9 pm for 9 minutes we close all of our house lights and come to our doors and use a flashlight or a Diya to give the hard-working doctors and health caretakers a silent tribute for all of their hard work.

Around 130 crore people reside in this country. If they all come together anything could work out expressed Modi Ji. He said that there is no force bigger than our spirit in the world, there is no such thing in the world that we cannot achieve through this.

“Come let’s stand together, work together defeat corona and make India a victor in this epidemic.” Says Modi Ji.

He makes an appeal to stop coronavirus all together. He explains that it will be like a small Diwali like a celebration. PM Modi Ji has taken an emotional appeal. He has given the citizens a new duty.

The PM has also asked to be precautioned as the danger from coronavirus is not completely over. He askes to keep in mind the social-distancing policy.

Writer: Sakshi Gupta

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