New Delhi, August 15: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed the people of the country through the Red Fort. This is his sixth consecutive speech from the Red Fort.
In a major decision for India’s military reforms and tri-service integration, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday announced the appointment of a Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) who will be above the three Service Chiefs.

Addressing the country through the Red Fort, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a big announcement. Modi said that the post of Chief of Defense Staff will be created to strengthen the security forces. Demand for reform of the security forces has been in place for a long time. According to Modi, the decision was taken.
The Chief of Defense staff will have the task of coordinating the three forces. Currently, the world is changing rapidly. So India cannot be thought of in pieces. We must move forward together with our military forces.

Modi believes that the Chief of Defense Staff will provide effective leadership to all three forces at senior level. Currently, the rank of Chief of Staff exists.
The Chief of Staff Committee consists of the heads of all three teams. The senior member of the committee is given the chairmanship of the committee. It has long been demanded that the post of Chief of Defense be created. Against this backdrop, Modi made the big decision.

Modi indirectly targeted Pakistan, which directly threatened India’s war. There is an atmosphere of insecurity in the world right now. In some parts of the world, there is a concern. Terrorism is being monitored in some areas. Modi, however, expressed his determination that India stands firmly against such forces and will continue to be so.
We will bring the true face of those who promote terrorism to the world. We will also eliminate terrorists. Some have spread terror not only to India but also to countries like Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka. In this situation, India cannot remain calm. India will continue to expose terrorists, Modi said.

Writer: Himani Ranade

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