Pakistan is constantly raising the problem of Jammu and Kashmir in global forums and there has been a disappointment from all sides in its hands. Now, Pakistan is also disappointed by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. Guterres says negotiating between India and Pakistan should solve the Jammu and Kashmir problem. The UN Secretary-General has declined to mediate on this problem and it has been said in reaction that it will be regarded if India says it.

Maliha Lodhi met with the UN Secretary-General on Wednesday, raising Jammu and Kashmir’s problem. After this meeting, the UN Secretary-General said when questions were raised on behalf of the media that the UN position on mediation was the same as before. He said if both sides make such an appeal then it will be decided.

Let us tell you that this statement of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres came when the issue of Jammu and Kashmir was raised by Pakistan in the United Nations Human Rights Council. However, there too, India gave a sharp reply to Pakistan and said that Article 370 is India’s internal issue.
Significantly, this month the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan have to address the United Nations, General Assembly. The timing of the address of Narendra Modi and Imran Khan is also around, so the issue has reached the United Nations before that. Now the whole world is eyeing PM Modi and Imran Khan’s address.

This problem has actually been raised before Antonio Guterres on behalf of Maliha Lodhi, the United Nations representative of Pakistan. Antonio Guterres spokesperson Stephin Dujarek has now produced a declaration that India-Pakistan should prevent any aggressive stance and that the two nations should solve the problem by speaking to each other.

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