It’s been a full year since Jammu and Kashmir’s unique status was abolished on 5 August. Countering India ‘s historic step, Pakistan attempted all the strategies and tried to mobilize global powers but failed. Even Pakistan was unable to bring Muslim countries together against India.

In the past, repeated requests by Pakistan to hold a meeting of foreign ministers on Kashmir were turned down by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Through all that, Pakistan ‘s eyes switched to Saudi Arabia.

Pakistan has returned one billion dollars out of three billion dollars of debt to Saudi Arabia. The amusing part is that Pakistan has borrowed China a billion dollars to repay the debt.
That is, Pakistan is on the brink of bankruptcy and is now taking loans to repay the debt.

The Pakistani newspaper agency has reported in its report, citing highly placed sources, that this stance of Imran Khan ‘s government has upset Saudi Arabia and withdrawn its financial support.

Its report, the news agency said that from this growth it became apparent that Pakistan is also slowly losing the support of Muslim nations. Explain that in October 2018, Saudi Arabia announced a $ 6.2 billion financial package to Pakistan for three years. This amount also included cash assistance for the above three billion dollars.

Oil and gas were to be supplied to Pakistan in return for the remaining amount, but Pakistan has always disliked a Muslim country like Saudi Arabia because of its remnant mentality.

It is worth mentioning that Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has warned the OIC in the past that if it does not hold a meeting of foreign ministers, then Pakistan will be compelled to schedule a separate meeting of the Islamic countries that are standing with it on Kashmir.

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