Afghanistan :
Afghanistan accused Pakistan of carrying out attacks on the missiles in populated areas. The Pakistan Army has launched missiles in the populated part of Kandahar ‘s Spin Boldak district according to the Afghanistan news agency. Throughout this attack, 9 ordinary citizens died, although over 50 others are reported to have been wounded.

The Afghan Ministry of Defense says the Afghan troops have been ordered to be completely prepared for action against the Pakistani army according to the news agency. The Defense Ministry said nine people were killed and 50 others were wounded in missile attacks on populated areas by Pakistani troops.

The statement said that General Mohammed Yasin Jia Levi, the head of the country’s armed forces, prepared all the military forces of the country, especially 205 Atal, 201 Salad and 203 Thunder Camps, to retaliate against the Pakistani Army. Has given instructions. Strong arms are being used for training Afghan armies.

The Afghan Defense Ministry said in its statement that the Air Force and Special Forces, led by Mohammad Yasin Zia, have been placed on high alert, and if the Pakistani Army continues its rocket launchers on the Afghan territory, it will be retaliated by the Afghan military.

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